• 1.Can you make something specially designed?
    Yes. We offer a free consultation service to discuss the item you would like to have made.
  • 2.How do I know what ring size to buy?
    We measure your finger with our ring sizer to give you the accurate size.
  • 3.Do you do valuations?
    We do valuations for insurance purposes, providing you with the certified document with details of the item.
  • 4.Can I bring back a piece of jewellery, if the person I bought it for doesn’t like it?
    Yes, we accept returns on most items.
  • 5.How long will my repair take?
    Repairs normally take 2 to 3 weeks.
  • 6.Do you sell gift voucher's?
    We do sell gift vouchers, which are available in both our shops. No minimum amount required.
  • 7.Do you provide aftercare?
    We do provide aftercare for all items purchased.
  • 8.Do you deliver or post?
    We can arrange items to be delivered.
  • 9.What are the turnaround times for a ring?
    Once the ring design has been approved, it normally takes about 6 weeks, but can be turned around quicker if necessary.
  • 10.Do you offer finance?
    Items can be paid for over a period of time, once the item has been paid for in full, then the item can be collected.